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Dothan Immigration Law

Work visas in Alabama

Living and working in the U.S. affords many foreign nationals the opportunity to develop their professional skills and earn a substantial living. Attorney Steven G. McGowan helps people obtain the proper work visas, so they can continue working in full compliance with immigration laws.

Your employer and the type of work you perform determine what kind of work visa you need:

  • H1b – for temporary work in specialty occupations
  • H2a – for seasonal agricultural work
  • H2b – for temporary or seasonal work that is not agriculturally based

Many other options exist for work visas with other categories of workers and laborers for which you may be eligible, too. Contact the office and discuss your prospective employment with Mr. McGowan, and he will file for the work visa that matches your situation.

Green cards

Getting a green card means that the U.S. grants you permanent residency status, and this designation can help lead the way toward becoming a full U.S. citizen.

With permanent residency status, foreign nationals possess new legal rights in the U.S.:

  • The right to vote
  • The right to run for public office
  • The right to work at any job

Mr. McGowan regularly assists clients with the legal process of obtaining a permanent residency card. He completes and files all the paperwork and helps ensure his clients adhere to the proper administrative protocol.

Immigration defense

Going to court to defend your citizenship rights and/or a criminal charge can be very intimidating. The process confuses some people, and if a language barrier exists, you might feel as though you misunderstand the content and context of statements about your case.

Mr. McGowan accompanies his clients to court and defends their rights and best interests at all times. He makes sure they understand what occurs in court and how entering a plea to criminal charges affects their residency status.

If you need a translator, we can arrange to have one present at any time.

Call 334-699-6688 for Dothan immigration law assistance.

Stephen G. McGowan is a member of all Alabama Federal Courts and the United States Supreme Court.